How can we represent the sum total of emotions of projects and ideas that have accompanied us in the conception and realization of the Kartos Stationery 2021 catalogue? Simply by telling you that we did it by putting into it all the love, passion and style, which yesterday, today and tomorrow will be our signature.

We created it convinced that being Italian and helping Italy also means choosing everything that’s Italian… we all have the moral obligation to help those who invest in our territory, those who work, those who sacrifice themselves in spite of costs to promote and develop activities in our country.


We made it convinced that those lucky enough to see our products draw inspiration from them, to dedicate a card or wrap a gift for those they love, with the same emotion that it gave us to see it born! We need everyone’s help, to look ahead, to put this moment behind us and to say once again…Long live Italy!!

A great man once said: One day fear knocked on the door, courage got up and opened it to see no one standing outside.” – Martin Luther King

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