All our packaging products are strictly made in Tuscany, with decorated paper of first choice, with passion and attention to details, and inspired by the artisanal tradition of the territory.

Gift wrap and decorative paper

Prestige: High range papers with a classic charm, conferred thanks to the finishing with gold powder.
Fantasy: a suggestive line that stands out for its dynamism and the richness of the subjects, which makes it suitable for every occasion.
Solid colors and Kraft: this category includes products designed for wrapping, made with glossy papers decorated with pastel or bright colors; and kraft papers decorated with opaque shades and gold, silver or copper finishes.


Strong, practical and stylish: our bags will become a real must-have accessory. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and patterns, the weight of the paper with which they are made ranges from 165 to 210 gr, an ambitious choice that wants to distinguish these products from the others on the market. The graphics, created by our design studio, are printed with matt varnish and their style goes from the classic Florentine to the modern interpretations of current graphics. This make them perfect for every use. The washable line is designed to last over time reducing waste and environmental impact.


Perfect container for seasonal changes, or elegant piece of furniture? Both, of course. Our set of boxes, in addition to being aesthetically refined and perfect in every detail, are made with a sturdy cardboard and wrapped with our precious decorative paper.