A thoughtful gesture, a special thought, the seal of an unforgettable day: a greeting card always contains amazing worlds, those we try to tell with the products in our catalog. Where you can find a wide range of greeting cards entirely designed and made by us. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter, Births, Baptisms, First communions, Confirmations and Weddings… you will be spoiled for choice!
And that’s not all: gift tags, placeholders and price tags are also available. A world of infinite designs and graphics suitable for everyone.

Everyday Greeting Cards

Free spaces for sending wishes for any occasion. Made on smooth, hammered or Magnani cotton cards, the everyday greeting cards are designed to adapt to any occasion: birthdays, congratulations, First communions, Confirmations, graduations or retirement parties. In the catalog are also available nice money-holders, either in classic size or as an internal pocket. In addition to different graphics and colors, the collection offers a mignon version that’s perfect for a simple gift or a bouquet of flowers.

Easter Greeting Cards

Easter greeting cards are available in both sacred and informal styles (fantasy, floral, or photographic), and they are adorned with glitter, gold powder, or embossing. All the elegance and tradition you want, to honor the solemnity of the holidays.

Colored Note Cards

A collection of single-color cards and matching envelopes, with minimal charm, that are suitable for all occasions. A frame that can hold your dedications for an unexpected gift or to accompany a romantic bouquet of flowers. Also available in coloured kraft paper.