From tradition to modernity

Kartos is a craft and creative heritage of Tuscany since 1955: a history that has been given new life since 2012. Everything comes from an intuition of Stefano Severi, with the foundation of Toscana Carte Pregiate, a new company with a clear purpose: to acquire Kartos brand to preserve and relaunch the great tradition that it represents. A challenge that over the years has brought the brand back to the dimension it deserves, as a point of reference in the paper industry. In Tuscany, in Italy, in the world.

Art, tradition and innovation

Like all the great goals, the rebirth of Kartos was possible thanks to a vision and a corporate philosophy that are well-rooted. Keep the refined identity of Kartos and hand down its secrets and attention to details, with a focus on the future. To combine the beauty of art with innovation, following a path that can generate new ideas. Today the range of our products goes from the precious prints with gold powder, to the most modern graphic currents. Every detail is enhanced maintaining the traditional value of the product and designed with the idea of those who do not want to stop to innovate.

A world created around the customer

Quality and ethical approach are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We have always used only high quality materials, often formulated exclusively for our products, that comes from FSC-certified paper mills. A working method that aims to satisfy customers, putting them at the center, respecting the environment and the concepts of ethical development.