The spirit of innovation and vision of the future that animates Kartos pairs with a totally green perspective, represented by the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy.
Our commitment does not stop at good intentions, but we set very specific goals that we pursue daily trying to become as soon as possible a zero impact company.
This is why we use renewable energy thanks to the collaboration with the RE-Power company. This strategy is and will be applied to all the steps of our internal supply chain: from the packaging solutions chosen, to the prints, to the selection and use of raw materials, up to the conception of new collections designed to embody the green soul of Kartos. Our washable products and recycled paper series are already a concrete example.


Our production system aims at a very specific goal: to become a plastic free company as soon as possible. A vision that we have been pursuing for some time, and that has reduced the use of plastic in every sector. For example, our packaging are is entirely made of cardboard, as all our displays.

With the release of the 2023 collection, we have also reached a new goal: the almost total elimination of plastic from our stationary products, including packaging, replaced by explanatory bands in paper and cardboard.

Also in the packaging phase we have replaced the plastic duct tape with a special one made of paper with water adhesive.