Innovate but do not forget: our philosophy has always succeeded in enhance the great tradition of made in Italy fine paper, enriching it with new ideas and new production methods. A story started with writing paper and greeting cards, that today boasts a wide range of products ranging from stationary to packaging, sold in Europe, America, East and Middle East. Catalogues that include iconic products, but that are constantly enriched by novelties and modernity thanks to collaborations with Italian illustrators and artists such as Sara Lovari.

All this mainteining our identity, firmly rooted in the territory: Kartos will always be synonymous with made in Tuscany.

The key to our success is an ethical approach, based on the expressions of respect.

Respect for the customer: our realm of fine papers is built around the wishes and needs of the customer. From concept to production and delivery, our only goal is to offer great products of excellence.

Respect for work: we have always invested in the training and constant development of our employees, through dedicated courses and workshops

Respect for the environment: Most of the products in our catalog are zero-mile and made with papers “traced” FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), kept only in cardboard packaging. Our goal for the future is to achieve a plastic free production cycle as soon as possible: through a path that
already involves a very small use of plastic.

Respect for tradition: we preserve stories and products that tell the great Italian craftsmanship, innovating and enhancing them in the contemporary. A perfect example is the iconic Florentia collection, which is a reference in our catalog for 50 years.

Respect for innovation: we leave room for the creativity of the illustrators and designers we collaborate with, pushing them to imagine the future. Like our collection of products made with washable paper, which combines ambition and innovation.