Products made with FSC certified recycled paper and waterproof paper.

The company’s philosophy is to bring out the refined identity of Kartos, handing down its secrets and attention to details, enriching it with a look towards the future: combining the beauty of art with innovation, following a path that can generate new ideas.
This spirit of innovation and vision of the future that animates Kartos pairs with a totally green perspective, represented by the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy.

Our commitment does not stop at good intentions, but we set very specific goals that we pursue daily trying to become as soon as possible a plastic free company.

In this context of environmental protection was born the new collection “Protect the Future”, a line of products made with eco-friendly materials that have the goal to raise awareness on the is-sue of biodiversity protection.
Every day the life of thousands of animals is threatened by many factors caused by man. The collection “Protect the Future” wants to help make this issue be taken to heart, highlighting that thanks to the well-being and care of biodiversity there is a global balance of the Planet.

For this reason we have chosen four symbolic subjects, four endangered animals whose preser-vation is a priority that can no longer be delayed: Sea Turtle, Bee, Koala and Panda.
The design of this collection is based on the green attitude of our Research and Development department that has created products made of FSC certified recycled paper and waterproof paper complements: a technical intuition that represents the perfect conjunction between beauty and eco-sustainability.

Products with a refined design that last over time and that will accompany you to school, to the office or on your travels: every product of the collection “Protect the Future” is a must-have for all those who want to combine elegance with ethical consumption.