Our green attitude is based on Research and Development systems, which have always guided the path of innovation. Kartos represents the harmonious union of tradition and future, a philoso-phy that must be concretized in the conception and realization of products that are able to keep intact the iconic elegance of the brand, adding new visions and concepts. Here comes our line of washable products, a technical intuition that represents the perfect combination of beauty and eco-sustainability, made with recyclable materials over and over again that, at the end of use, can be disposed of among paper waste.

Products with a refined design, made with hand washable paper, which last over time and resist stains. Objects that will accompany you to school, to the office or on your travels: from laptop cases to pochettes, from pencil cases to perpetual diary. Each product of the washable line is a must-have for all those who want to combine elegance with ethical consumption.