From Christmas themed gift wrapping paper and decorative paper, from greeting cards to letters to Santa Claus, from stickers to accessories in our catalog: Christmas is tinged with magic and charm.  

Christmas Packaging

Decorative and gift wrapping paper for all tastes: with gold powder decorations for lovers of the classic, fantasy papers to keep the gifts of the little ones, solid colors glossy papers with pastel and bright colors or matt kraft papers with gold, silver and copper finishes. Wrap your Christmas with the atmosphere of Kartos.

Christmas Greeting Cards

Santa Claus in all versions, snowy fir trees, Christmas stockings full of gifts, Christmas decorations, reindeer, teddy bears, illustrations of the sacred birth: our greeting cards are designed to tell every shade of Christmas.

Letters to Santa Claus

A tradition to renovate every year with all its magic: with our letters to Santa Claus, embellished with Christmas designs, writing the wish list will be even more beautiful. Available in a wide range of supports and finishes.


A versatile and iconic collection of applicable stickers, available in a wide range of supports and finishes, to celebrate Christmas in all its shades.

Complements Accessories

Our accessories represent a complete selection for every store. The range of products in our Christmas catalog has expanded over the years and now includes solutions like practical gift tags (with assorted designs and adhesive labels), Christmas boxes, advent calendars, Prestige Globes, Dream Lamps and modular “Christmas gift box”.