Decorative papers, greeting cards, packaging and stationery: Kartos products differs in type and workmanship, keeping the charm of tradition, with collections to discover.


The great Florentine graphic tradition, with its fascinating and classic imagery: the Giglio, the Flo-rentia, the new Allegro, the Caltagirone. All enhanced by bright colors, chosen by our graphic offi-ce, and ennobled with gold powder.


The evocative atmosphere of Alice In Wonderland, the fairy-tale illustrations of The Little Prince, the magical world of The Little Mermaid, the imaginative universe of Peter Pan: these and many others are the wonderful worlds that live in Kartos products. Reinterpreting fairy tales is now one of the points of reference of our catalog: graphics that allow you to get excited even in receiving or making a gift.


Our green attitude is based on Research and Development systems, which have always guided the path of innovation. Kartos represents the harmonious union of tradition and future, a philoso-phy that must be concretized in the conception and realization of products that are able to keep intact the iconic elegance of the brand, adding new visions and concepts. Here comes our line of washable products, a technical intuition that represents the perfect combination of beauty and eco-sustainability.


Protect the Future” is a line of products made with eco-friendly materials that have the goal to raise awareness on the issue of biodiversity protection. The design of this collection is based on the green attitude of our Research and Development department that has created products made of FSC certified recycled paper and waterproof paper complements choosing four symbolic subjects, four endangered animals whose preservation is a priority that can no longer be delayed: Sea Turtle, Bee, Koala and Panda.


The property of Kartos has a large private collection of Olivetti typewriters, the result of the pas-sion for the philosophy and tradition embodied by the famous Italian brand: this series of paper products and items in washable paper, authorized by Olivetti, wants to be a tribute to those val-ues and that vision, that keep to guide us today.


The Camilla Notebooks is a project entirely made in Italy that comes from the desire to make ac-cessible and known to the widest possible number of children, a tool that can facilitate their learning, writing as well as their organization of spaces on a sheet of paper.