The Camilla Notebooks is a project entirely made in Italy that comes from the desire to make ac-cessible and known to the widest possible number of children, a tool that can facilitate their learning, writing as well as their organization of spaces on a sheet of paper.

The project began thanks to a valuable collaboration with a group of teachers that allowed us to design, study and create a compensatory tool whose purpose is to help students in their learn-ing path.

We have taken into account the multiple specific needs, common to students with and without Special Educational Needs, which require personalized and flexible tools, configured according to individualized curricular objectives that are often done by hand with the use of a lot of time to re-alize a table on which to write with colors and lines to facilitate the learning of writing, the devel-opment of graphic motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Who are the notebooks with guided lines for?

  • Kindergarten children, for the first approaches to writing and pre-graphism.
  • All children in the first grade of primary school, in particular those who use only the capitalized printed font.
  • All those situations in which, to promote learning, a visual anchor is necessary that can guide the student in the use of the space available for writing (i.e. Special Educational Needs, Specific Learning Disorders, cognitive deficits, visual deficits, etc…).

Why they are useful?
The Camilla Notebooks are born from a project studied by a specialized team of teachers, doc-tors and operators in the sector, who have elaborated, studied and tested, every detail of every notebook, so that it helps in the organization of the visual space.
In each notebook, in fact, the available spaces for writing on the sheet are well organized, delim-ited on the left by a green line that indicates the point of departure and, instead, on the right by a red line or ‘stop line’ that marks the point beyond which it is not possible to write.
The space available outside the writing line allows the teacher to insert notes in the margin.